Why primary school children shouldn’t do town planning.

It seems that fairly large tracts of Florida make for some amazing art, but it’s not town planning. More like doodling with patterns, and being, ‘Oh, that could be be a town layout’.

Some of them are beautiful. Some of them remind me of towns I’ve built with SimCity*

Really do click through. In addition to some of them being amazingly beautiful as a satellite image, and amazingly stupid as town planning fails, there are links to google maps and streetview, so you can explore these neighbourhoods, including the under-developed and overgrown ones.

*The difference between these grids and those that you might make in SimCity is if there is one thing that SimCity has taught me is the importance of good rail connections. Building roads just leads to congestion – quel surprise! Reinforced of course, by visiting places that actually have amazing public transport (Hi Lisbon! Hi Toulouse!).


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