Taking the gloss off

Despite the inherent portability of laptops, it’s extremely uncommon to actually use them outside. The fetish for glossy screens doesn’t help much. In the hunt for a suitable park bench, I had to pick the one that was most in the shade (if there is sun on you, then you reflect in the screen), and sun on the screen really doesn’t work. Despite it being an imminently nice day (predicted high 16, sunny, light wind), it’s actually rather cool in the shade. Having said that, yesterday I was working in a dingy hotel room — the room was pleasant enough from the point of a sleeping space, but it didn’t really cut it for working. So now I wonder why I wasn’t working outside yesterday. Plus the no access to interwebs (although I can see upward of 20 wireless networks from my park bench) means that I might actually stand some chance of getting some work done.

There’s also the dis-recommended lap thing; that is, you’re not supposed to put your laptop on your lap. I’m actually finding sitting with my legs crossed is working out well — it’s keeping the hottest part of my computer away from my leg (and also giving it good airflow), and of course away from my sensitive bits. It’s nice to see that I have 8h35min battery life remaining. There is some advantage to the ultra low voltage (and at times ultra low speed) CPU fitted to my laptop, along with its other electricity sipping features (LED* backlit screen, slow hard drive, aggressive power settings).

So this has been a bit of a rambly introduction, but after a multi-year hiatus, I’m back blogging, not so much in a personal vein, but because I’m finding that I have things I want to say.

*Did anybody else find consumer’s but it’s not a real LED TV thing (which now seems to have disappeared from the web) a bit of a pointless beat up? Was anybody seriously expecting that the screen itself would be LED lights, as opposed to just replacing the backlighting source with LEDs. In the future, it may be possible to have the screen made of actual LEDs, but the whole benefit of a LED backlit screen is that the LEDs use way less electricity than the conventional backlighting source (a fluorescent tube). I know that consumer needs to keep itself in the news, but not at all costs surely?


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I'm a scientist. Sometimes I get distracted.
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